Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Underwater Environment Art Finished

Today I finished my Underwater environment concept art piece that I mentioned in my last post. It's a lot more detailed than the work-in-progress version and has taken me roughly 8-10 hours to finish. It's my first ever finished Photoshop concept art (which is shameful seeing as I'm in my 2nd year as a Games student) so I'm pretty happy with it and I think now that I've done one, the idea doesn't seem quite as intimidating. I'll definitely be doing more in the future.

Here's the previous version that I posted recently, for reference.

A lot of changes have been made in the final version, here's a quick list:
  • Added plantlife and fish/animals (including sharks!)
  • Added highlights in areas where the light is hitting the landscape
  • Increased the intensity of the blue overlay to give more of an underwater effect
  • Tilted the ship very slightly

Here's the final version:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Stuff I Made this week - (DnB Track / Concept Art Piece)

It may only be Tuesday but I can already safely say it's been a busy week so far. There's a couple of things I'm gonna include in this post. The first is a musical project that I finished today, and the 2nd is a quick work-in-progress concept art picture that I've been working on for a Uni project.

So today I made my 2nd Soundcloud upload. This time it's a drum and bass track, titled "Messages", that I started work on a couple of weeks ago. It's inspired by various different DnB artists and tracks, but I also tried to give it a bit of a Deep House vibe. The track was made in Reason 5 using only Midi instruments. 

Check it out on my Soundcloud page:

Now for a work in progress. This is a piece of concept art that I've been working on this week for a Uni games design project. The project is to create a game concept and accompanying pitch document, complete with art work, so I'm creating this piece of concept art in Photoshop to be used as a background to each of the pages in the pitch document.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

Friday, 25 October 2013

3D Modelling a Character - Uni Brief

Another week, another University assignment finished. In my last post, I wrote about a character design project in which I had to model and texture a character in the style of DOTA2. Today was deadline day and I managed to get the work done and handed in on time.

The project was to model a low poly character, some props, and a base for the character to stand on, all with low-res textures, that could be (hypothetically) used in a handheld version of DOTA2 (a game that I've never played and had barely heard of pre-brief). This of course involved some research into the art style and a load of work that I won't bore anyone with the details of this time around.

The final submission included an image of the concept pictures and character silhouettes, a presentation image, and an image with the model's technical details. Here they are in order.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Some work from my first month back at Uni

So, regular visitors to my blog (if such a thing exists?) may have noticed a lack of activity for the past few weeks. This is because I'm back at Uni now for my 2nd year as a Games Design student and the work has been coming in thick and fast. I've already noticed an increase in the work load from last year, which isn't all bad, it's good to have a steady flow of work and stuff that I can show off on this blog (when I get chance).

So far we've had 3 assignments, two of which are still under way. Here's a few pictures of stuff that I've produced so far this year.

Project 1 was about character texturing. We were given a choice of 3 pre-made, but untextured, 3D models to choose from and texture ourselves. There was an imp, a Sci-fi/cyborg girl and a guy who instantly reminded me of the heavy from Team Fortress 2, which gave me an idea. I chose to design a new character for TF2. I'd never textured a character before so it wasn't exactly to the standard that I'd hoped by the time deadline day came around, but I think the TF2 theme is still pretty clear. Either way, here's the outcome.

The second project, which is still in progress, is a group project consisting of the design of a complete board game. This has been a very demanding project so far. We've had to come up with the idea, produce a prototype, and rigorously play-test it. Our game is a turn based strategy game with a pirate theme. One of the many jobs I took on for this project was the design (using Photoshop) and production of some "bonus cards" for the game. I'm quite happy with how these designs turned out!

The 3rd project, which is also still in progress, is similar to the first, but this time we have to create the whole character from scratch, which includes the 3D model as well as the texture. The first step, however, was creating some concept art for the character using Photoshop. Here's the finished concept art that I produced for this project.

That's all for now!